Pindeck Wine Rack

$ 695.00

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Your favorite varietals will be strikingly assembled in the Pindeck Floor-Standing Wine Rack. Inspired by the French "Pupitre" used to hold fermenting champagne bottles during the riddling stage, The Pindeck stands 42" tall and holds 12 bottles at a perfect angle for storage.

CounterEv's Buffalo Green products are handcrafted from reclaimed bowling lane heart pine generated from our furniture production. The amazing backstory alone of these beautiful pieces makes for the perfect gift.


All Buffalo Green items ship via UPS ground unless otherwise specified.

Where do you source your wood?
We acquire reclaimed wood from all over the continental United States. We also source sustainably harvested, FSC certified lumber.

How “Green” are your products?
We believe our products are as green as it gets. Along with the use of reclaimed and sustainably harvested woods, we use only zero VOC stains and sealers, powder-coated, domestic steel and non-toxic, water-based adhesives. Our products will not off-gas noxious chemicals over-time, and if they should ever end up in a landfill, which we like to think is unlikely, they will not seep harmful chemicals into the ground water.

What is the maintenance on your furniture?
Maintaining the beauty of your CounterEv surface requires very little effort. Regular cleaning can be done with a soft, lightly damp cloth. When you receive your order, you will be given the recommended products and schedule for cleaning and maintaining your CounterEv products.

The finish on your furniture doesn’t look very protective. Should I be concerned that it doesn’t look shellacked or varnished?
Our finishes are very durable and are used with much success in restaurants all over the world. We admit they don’t look like traditional shiny, varnished furniture and we think that’s a good thing. It means when you run your hands along our surfaces (which you will definitely be compelled to do) you’ll feel finely finished, real wood.

I got a scratch on my table; can this be repaired?
Another nice thing about our finish is that, unlike varnished furniture, it can be easily spot repaired. We will send you a touch up/repair kit.

I would like a bit of shine on my finish. Is that possible?
Yes. When you receive your product it will have a polished, satin look, which will dull with use over time. It can easily and quickly be brought back to its original luster with minimal effort.

What is powder-coating?
Powder-coating is a process of painting an extremely durable coating onto steel in virtually any imaginable color. The process avoids emitting toxic, flammable gases into the atmosphere and water table.

Where is your furniture made?
Since 2015, all of our products, including items from the Buffalo Green line, are produced in Kingston, NY. Prior to that, we manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.

What if I change my mind after I order?
If you contact us to cancel an order within 24 hours we’ll offer a full refund. Changes to dimensions must be made within 7 days. Stain choices, or changes to stain choice can be made up to half way through your estimated lead time.

What is your lead time?
These are the estimated lead times for each of our product lines:
Buffalo Green (table top and home decor): 2 days to 2 weeks
Splash Ups (light industrial wood and steel): 2-4 weeks
Industrial Green (wood and steel): 4-6 weeks
Modern Rustic (all wood): 8 to 10 weeks

I’ve seen your tables in Shake Shack and the finish looks really worn. Will that happen to my table?
Definitely not! The furniture in your home will never experience the amount of traffic that is seen in many of the restaurants where our furniture can be found. Additionally, these restaurants are so busy that they often aren’t able to adhere to the maintenance schedule we recommend for commercial furniture. Hence, some of our tables in these settings are in need of a little TLC. They would never look this way in your home, even if you neglect them for a little while.

Do you ship internationally?
No, we don’t ship individual orders internationally, only wholesale and commercial orders.