When you choose reclaimed wood you give trees a chance to grow, especially those in old-growth forests. The use of reclaimed wood also insures that well seasoned, often rare and very usable wood doesn't end up in landfills, eventually adding to greenhouse gases.

But the best thing about reclaimed wood is the way it looks and feels; the beauty and character of the old wood and the evidence of its former life only add to its richness. And nothing suggests a more colorful past than wood reclaimed from bowling lanes.

With our commitment to redefining the possibilities of this unique wood source, we have imprinted sustainability onto the DNA of our business. But it doesn't end there.


We've made the choice to use only the finest earth-friendly stains, sealers and topcoats with zero or very low Volatile Organic Compounds. Our research and experimentation with natural oils and water-based, green finishes has resulted in a high quality, protective finish that not only meets our standards, but those of the Green Building Council.


With all these Green credentials, it only makes sense that our products are handcrafted to last for generations. After all, there's nothing Green about disposable furniture. For that reason, we take great care in the design and building of every piece that comes out of our shops and aspire to breathe a long and useful new life into wood that might otherwise be thought of as trash.