Our products and prices reflect the cost of paying a fair wage, local manufacturing, and the highest standards for protecting the environment.

All CounterEv furniture is handmade, one piece at a time, in Kingston, NY. We hire skilled and unskilled workers and train them in our unique manufacturing processes. In doing so, we instill the following attributes:
  • The pride that comes from collaborating on something bigger than ourselves
  • The sense of accomplishment that comes from working with your hands.
  • The dignity that comes from doing meaningful work.

Additionally, CounterEv is committed to providing an environment of mutual respect and equal employment opportunities for all.

Our unequivocal commitment to the environment is part of our brand’s DNA. We exist because of the very idea of sustainability and environmentalism, and we carry that fundamental commitment through every phase of our manufacturing.
Our use of reclaimed and sustainably sourced woods, leather alternatives, natural latex foam, and non-toxic, zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) finishes are revolutionary when compared to the negligent manufacturing processes of furniture producers worldwide.
When you buy furniture from CounterEv, you will know that your pieces were not shipped halfway across the world before being delivered to your home. This lowers carbon emissions, one of the biggest contributors to global warming.
But it is not just the world at large that CounterEv is benefiting with our fierce commitment to sustainability. The air inside your home is dramatically improved by choosing CounterEv. The polyurethanes and flame retardants found in most furniture off-gas and toxify the air in your home. We are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and believe our furniture, and the clean, fresh air it ensures in your home, is an important step on that path.
For a long time, the very notion that a business could have a sense of ethics or integrity ran counter to the stated goal of every business: Profit above all else. However, CounterEv was founded with one underlying determination: To do good work. So, what does that mean for CounterEv?
Make It Here

The best way to ensure the integrity of our products and business practices is to continue to manufacture here, in the USA, and to collaborate with suppliers that uphold the highest standards for fair trade and environmental accountability. By manufacturing locally, we can maintain high-level oversight of our supply chain and the safety and well being of our workforce.

Keep It Green
Sustainability is not a marketing angle for us. It is a mandate. If we’re not exhaustively searching for, and sourcing the most sustainable materials available, and following the least environmentally impactful practices in our manufacturing, then we’re not being true to one of our core founding principles: To produce the most sustainable furniture possible.
Integrity Above All Else
As a next-generation furniture maker, transparency and authenticity in our communications and operations is essential. We strive to uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility, employee empowerment, and customer satisfaction. We believe our over-arching commitment to integrity is evident in the product we deliver and the way we sell and deliver it. We understand that this is a commitment which must be renewed every day and seek always to fulfill that goal.
Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified environmental and social performance, transparency and accountability. CounterEv Furniture is committed to achieving B-Corporation certification in 2019.



"I enjoyed the one on one feeling I got as well as the custom work done to make it feel like a one of a kind; My two 6-foot tables have have received many compliments over the years."


Staten Island, NY

"The joinery is beautiful, gives the furniture identity, character."


New York, NY

"I love the recycled wood, enviro friendly finishes and Catskill store!"


Catskill, NY

"Love the design aesthetic and corporate philosophy."


New York, NY

"Products are well made, different, cool, and customer service was fantastic; great company, great innovative products!"


Scottsdale, AZ

"Love that I could customize the piece to exactly fit my space. The staff was also helpful and very communicative."


Brookline, MA

"Beautifully designed products with a great social message!"


Brooklyn, NY

"Love the unique designs, commitment to quality and the aim to keep things sustainable."


Upper Montclair, NJ

"Love that the pieces are made in America and are something unique. I have two "Z" end tables. No one I know has anything like it in their homes."


Eden Prairie, MN

"We love our desk. It's beautifully constructed, simple with a clean esthetic. The company was extremely accommodating regarding our needs and delivery. I wish all companies were as attentive"


New York, NY

"Great craftsmanship!"


Henrietta, NY

"We love our beautiful functional tables. We like that they are made proudly in the USA."


Lambertville, NJ

"Products are gorgeous. Salesperson was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful."


Paramus, NJ

"I love the design of my bar height kitchen table and that I was able to create with you exactly what I wanted using your designs as the model and I love that the wood is upcycled and the way this wood looks in your products."


New York, NY

"A quick note to express our thanks for the stellar chairs you and your talented team created. We are enjoying every moment in them (as well as on the bar stools)."


Philadelphia, PA