Our Story

It all started with a log cabin...

Learn how founder, Jim Malone, turned a transformative experience into Counterev Furniture

Having spent most of my adult days pursuing a career in music, it was strange to find myself thriving as a cartoon producer.

The music production studio where I worked would take on anime dubbing when things were slow, and before I could say, 'Pikachu!', I became the voice director of the original Pokémon television series.

Soon after that, I produced a string of Saturday morning cartoons. And soon after that, I needed a break from the all-consuming career in which I accidentally found myself. I needed some green.

I got a deal on some heavily wooded acres in Catskill, NY, about 100 miles north of my Manhattan apartment. Two years later, I had finished building a log home and was simultaneously laid off from my job.

As I looked for work in the cartoon business I decided to experiment with some dusty old reclaimed bowling lane wood I had come across while sourcing materials for the cabin.

I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but for some reason I needed to wrestle with this seven-foot slab of two-inch thick wood to find out.

I was rewarded in spades. The refinished heart pine was not only gorgeous, it was inspiring. I continued designing and stopped looking for work in the animation industry.

Making cartoons was fun, but ultimately it wasn't where I belonged. I wanted to create something of lasting value that expressed an aesthetic I had come to love; one that combined rustic and urban elements with simple, modern lines. It was, after all, a reflection of the two worlds I inhabited—the city I loved and the natural world I needed.

Balancing elements of urban and rural life in designs that exude a sense of calm has always been my goal in designing furniture.

That's how CounterEv Furniture began and it remains the foundation upon which we grow. The inspiration reclaiming bowling lane wood has provided, and continues to provide, is endless. But it's the hard work and talent of the CounterEv team and the enthusiasm of our customers that drives the success of our brand.

Thank you for your interest in the CounterEv story. I hope you find it helpful as you browse our site and consider an investment in our furniture for your home or place of business.

Jim Malone


All our made-to-order furniture is handcrafted from reclaimed bowling lane wood, domestically sourced powder-coated steel, and organic fabrics and fillers. Our designs combine elements of minimalism and modernist aesthetics with the rustic beauty of vintage and natural materials.








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