Our Planet

How We're as green as it gets

We believe our products set the gold standard for sustainable furniture, and we're always striving to do more. Here are some of the ways we ensure a minimal impact on the planet and in your home.

In Our Factory

  • Our factory is powered by 100% renewable energy
  • We manufacture all our products under one roof to ensure the most sustainable practices and materials every step of the way.
  • Our primary wood source (more than 80% wood content of our products ) is heart pine rescued from reclaimed bowling lanes.
  • For our secondary wood, we use either locally harvested lumber from responsibly managed forests and mills, or wood independently certified as responsibly harvested by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 
  • Our smaller products ship in recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes and void fill.
  • A percentage of our crates are made from FSC certified plywood or OSB. We are striving for 100% FSC certified crating materials and are experimenting with manufacturing pallets and crates created from the sawdust generated in our factory.
  • We never use styrofoam or plastic in any of our packing materials.

in your home

The air inside your home is improved by choosing CounterEv. The polyurethanes and flame retardants found in most furniture off-gas and toxify the air in your home. We are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and believe our furniture, and the clean, fresh air it ensures in your home, is an important step on that path.

The fabrics and fill we’ve sourced for use in our furniture and pillows are either certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTUS) or certified by Oeko-Tex to pose no risk to human health. The use of fabrics and fillers that are free of harmful chemicals ensures the least amount of harm to the planet in manufacturing and promotes the cleanest, healthiest air in your home.

The fill material in our cushions and pillows is made from natural latex foam and certified organic cotton or wool.

On earth

We produce most of our furniture without using newly cut and milled wood, thereby avoiding any impact on tree populations.

By sourcing vintage wood from bowling centers across the United States that are either closing or switching to synthetic lanes, we are able to divert several hundred thousand pounds of construction demolition each year from landfills where they would contribute to greenhouse gases.

And, since our products are not imported from overseas, the furniture you buy from CounterEv has a low impact on carbon emissions.

All our steel comes from domestic sources. All our steel products are fabricated in our Kingston, NY factory, avoiding carbon emissions associated with outsourcing from other countries, which is often the standard for steel fabrication. We powder coat all our steel for a durable coat that ensures a long life. The process of powder-coating is the most eco-friendly method of finishing and protecting steel. All unused powder is recovered in the process and there are no gases or solvents released into the air.

We prefer to use digital sales materials as much as possible, but our print catalogs and flyers are produced with seeded paper or post-consumer waste, recycled paper with soy-based inks, and always biodegradable.


All our made-to-order furniture is handcrafted from reclaimed bowling lane wood, domestically sourced powder-coated steel, and organic fabrics and fillers. Our designs combine elements of minimalism and modernist aesthetics with the rustic beauty of vintage and natural materials.








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