ALL in house

CounterEv’s proprietary manufacturing techniques rose from the dust of a small woodworking shop in Brooklyn, NY in 2007. Our extensive processing of reclaimed bowling lanes began then and was born of a desire to control the quality of each piece.

Having relocated to Kingston, NY in 2015, we continue to use these tried and true woodworking methods along with our finishing and metalworking department to produce each piece under one roof.

We believe this is the only way to ensure our community grows and our quality stays the same.

FunctionaliTY with feel

Our unique style of craftsmanship was also driven by a desire to create original designs.

Our factory is not only our production center but a collaborative hub for our design and build teams to fabricate prototypes and "road test" our furniture before finalizing a new product. For although we strive for artistry in every product we craft, we believe functionality comes first.

When you customize one of our designs to suit your needs, you'll know that every effort has been made to design and build a product with a singular style that was made to be used.

ZEROing in on no Waste

Having built a brand on reclaiming bowling lanes—a precious resource that served an industry well for decades, we understand what it means to see opportunity where others see trash. That's why we created our Buffalo Green Collection, which crafts home goods from the scraps of our furniture production. We're also developing crating materials from our sawdust.

Our efforts to leave no footprint on the planet are a daily part of our production and we're constantly seeking the least impactful path forward. It's built into our brand, and built into every piece of furniture.


All our made-to-order furniture is handcrafted from reclaimed bowling lane wood, domestically sourced powder-coated steel, and organic fabrics and fillers. Our designs combine elements of minimalism and modernist aesthetics with the rustic beauty of vintage and natural materials.








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