This month we begin our "Live at the Showroom" series at the CounterEv Showroom.  The Live at the Showroom series will take place every Thursday and will feature acoustic music, poetry/book readings, and other performances.

All performances start at 8pm (doors open at 7pm). All events are free admission (pass-the-hat), BYOB and will end at 11pm.  The space holds 50-75 people comfortably.

The dual purpose of these free events is, on one hand, to simply spread the word about CounterEvolution's sustainable furniture and other products.

But the greater motivation for the Thursday night series is a desire to share what has proven to be an acoustically-exhilarating performance space with a variety of artists and their fans. It is an opportunity for artists to have a no-pressure performance in a warm, inspiring setting.

Join us for a Thursday night soon, and if you would like to refer an artist, please do so on our contact page.