As I mentioned in the first Showroom buildout post, it took 6 months to transform the neglected space at 37 W 17th St into an appropriate backdrop for our furniture and events. To do that, we committed to using as much reclaimed and sustainable material as possible. Below is a partial list of the Green credentials that make the CounterEv Showroom a tribute to sustainable and reclaimed design:

  1. Reclaimed Chicago and St Louis brick veneer on 3 walls.
  2. Reclaimed heartpine factory subfloor sliced "brick" walkway.
  3. Reclaimed heartpine tongue and groove floor on stage and office.
  4. Zero VOC paint on all walls and ceiling.
  5. Tin sign lettering from old defunct sign factory.
  6. Doors and trim from reclaimed bowling lane heartpine and maple.
  7. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry from reclaimed water tank redwood.
March 17, 2015 by Jim Malone