Those who know me know that writing and performing music has always been a big part of my life.  However, the challenges of starting a business and a family at once have left little time for much else since the inception of CounterEv several years ago. 

Coincidentally, last year, when I designed the layout of our then soon-to-be showroom, knowing that I needed to take advantage of our huge window that was visible from the street, I added a large platform, or “stage”, if you will, to span the length of the window and raise up our display to a level that the pieces could be seen from the street.  Okay, yes, I secretly hoped there would be a time when it could also be used for live music, but I wasn’t too optimistic as the new opening of the showroom would certainly not free up any more time for my 57 Martin.

And so, when we officially opened our showroom on Earth Day, 2014, and as the year progressed, it didn’t seem likely that the Showroom would be doubling as a music venue any time soon.  But then it happened.  Relying on sense memory (surely not rehearsal) and a cast of tolerant and somewhat captive, audience members, I got on the platform last September, and low and behold, it became a stage. 

Since then, friends (old and new) have appeared—both onstage and off—to turn one night of each month (every 3rd Thursday) into a fun, impromptu acoustic performance.  So, if you come by on a 3rdsday (and I hope you do), bring your own bottle, and a high tolerance for the odd musical clam.  There will be some mistakes. (Rehearsal is still not something we’ve been able to carve out much time for.) But there will also be some magic.  Not the least of which, for me, is the improbability of these evenings even coming together.

Here are some before and after pics of the platform that sometimes becomes a stage...

See you on a 3rsday!

March 18, 2015 by Jim Malone