Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie

Many years ago, my wife Sara and I, while exploring the then little known, former shipping port known as Red Hook on our bikes, came upon a small warehouse and a sign that said "Key Lime Pies" on a raw, probably cobblestoned side street. We immediately thought of my mother.

My mother, Jean Marie Malone, who shed her earthly shackles last year after 91 years of sharing a warm smile with all whom she met, loved key lime pie. Ironically, though she spent her last 30 years in the low country of South Carolina (a lot closer to Key West where key lime pie originated than Brooklyn) one of her last (and best) key lime pies came from an isolated neighborhood in Brooklyn.

To our amazement, and eventually to my mother’s, this remote brick building was home to one of the best key lime pie makers on either side of the Mason-Dixon line, or at least the best maker that shipped fresh pies via FedEx anywhere in the continental US. My mom talked about that pie for years.

Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies is just one of the many amazing vendors raising the bar for quick service cuisine at the DeKalb Market Hall. The market is just below CounterEv's Fall Popup at City Point Brooklyn. So come and see us at our first New York City retail location where we're rolling out new products that are not yet up on the website. And make sure you sample one or more of the delicious options downstairs at DeKalb Market.

And pick up a pie on your way out!

November 17, 2018 by Jim Malone